Zenbilli is an easy-to-learn way to create:

Beach grid-markers

and then

Zen repeating patterns using the beach grid-markers.

Developed at the end of 2019, I am working on ways to let people know how they can easily start to Zenbilli themselves.

Step one: Get out your rusty compass (metaphorically speaking). This may be a stick or pole a bit longer than yourself

Step two: Draw a long straight line. Pick a distant point on the beach and walk directly to it pulling your marker along behind you

Step three draw circles along the line with each one being drawn so that it goes through the centre of the one before

Step four: Repeat this "circle on top of circle" in an intersecting row to the left or right of the first one. You'll need to find the first position yourself so that you are half way between two intersecting circles. This will become clear when you look at the diagrams!

Zenbilli arrows on Polzeath beach (election day Dec 2019) and smaller versions under Penarth Pier using the dot matrix spacing of the pier itself. Zenbilli is an easy-to-learn way to create beach grid markers and then make patterns from them.