An easy-to-learn way

to create beach grid markers

That'll guide you

on a journey to


repeating patterns

Once mastered

The process

becomes The meditation

focusing you

in the present

Grounding you

In a calm and peaceful matrix

You may never leave


A Discover Zenbilli Beach Art session

Will take you down

straight lines

Focusing you

on distant points

From trusty rusty


I'll show you where

You'll feel lost

at times

like one of those wise men

Following the star

But just

Leave some tracks to follow

So that when the time comes


You'll know when)

You can join marks to make

Interlocking patterns

in the sand


You're now my

Ambassador of Zenbilli

Zenbilli patterns on Polzeath beach (election day Dec 2019) and smaller versions under Penarth Pier, Wales mirroring the dot matrix spacing of the pier footings.

No beach? Want to try Zentangles on paper for a design that you can use on the beach later? No worries!

Just google "Zentangle images" and you'll get the idea!