Beach Art

Unlock your hidden talents with a "Discover Beach Sand Art" session.

We're all learning, and I'm learning too... about repeating patterns, sacred geometry, mandalas and how to read sand art horoscopes!

You never quite know what you are going to make from beach level but, especially when viewed from the cliffs above the beach, even a simple pattern can look...well, amazing!

North Cornwall Beach Art. A non-destructive and renewable art form on a North Cornwall Beach. Anyone's masterpiece washed away with the incoming tide in less than 12 hours. In your session I'll provide all the kit you will need including ropes and rakes.

Click on the link to my Facebook page to find out more about beach art. There are photos on this site too to show you some of the latest short-lived but much loved works of art. If you want me to run a session for you to discover Beach Art then send me an email or for your real star sign click here!

If you come on a Beach Sand Art Experience I'll show you how to make sacred geometric shapes and then we'll work on a design of some sort. Upon completion, we'll take photos from the cliffs, and reflect on this meditation/art experience.

Don't worry about mistakes as this is a uniquely non-destructive and renewable art form and you'll find the whole experience a liberating one!

If you would like to commission a piece of beach art then you can either surprise someone by showing them the message on the beach at an arranged time OR you can have me photograph it and send it to you direct.

Click to see some artists that discovered Beach Art with me!