Beach Art Star Signs

Ever wondered what your star sign really is?

This Beach Art star sign session will help reveal your true star sign.

Sessions take a couple of hours and can be booked on a Discover Beach Art Experience or by filling in the form below.

It's OK to feel a little lost sometimes. After all, the oldest stars have been hiding at the centre of our galaxy for a long time but we are only just starting to see them.

The Zodiac is literally a circle of animals in the night sky. We all understand that this Zodiac moves and influences our tides and the sands on our beach. Everyone was aligned with one of those animals at birth but it's quite likely that it was the wrong animal!

With more stars in the night sky than grains of sand on the beach we're looking for your real place in everything.

We can find it with beach sand art and explore who you really are.

Time stretches and squeezes.

Stars realign.

The Universe conspires,

manoeuvres, orchestrates.

And here you are

thinking that people meet

by coincidence

Umang Bhandula