Beach Art drawing ideas

Google "Metatron's Cube" or "Sacred Geometry". The images will give you lots of ideas.

Don't forget to Look around! Ideas are even on your brother's t-shirt

or a friend's tattoo!

To infinity and beyond! You'll feel like Buzz Lightyear when you draw this for the first time.

"The Seed of Life" is pretty easy to draw in the sand and really is the seed for a much bigger design.

Start with one circle and then go and stand on the edge and lean-in to draw another circle, that one will give you the next two points on the edge of your original circle to stand...repeat until you have drawn 6 circles all around your central circle. The Genesis pattern!

You'll see all sorts of shapes in it including the Infinity Sign!

All the Platonic solids come from Metatron's Cube. Metatron's Cube is a complex two-dimensional geometric shape made from 13 circles of the same size, with lines extending from the center of every circle. It is pretty easy to draw on the beach though and I can show you how.

"The Flower of Life" contains Metatron's Cube and the "Seed of Life" and almost everything else that you can imagine!

The FLOWER OF LIFE is one of the most known and loved Sacred geometry shapes and is a bit of a challenge to draw on the beach as you can get lost in it if you're not careful!

The Circle Line!

You may find it odd that all those lovely curvy circles are reference points for lots of straight lines. Those lines can make you triangles and cubes and other "hard-sided" dimensional shapes.

Some say that straight lines are a "boy thing" and drawing curves a "girl thing". I'm not taking sides but see if you have your own "go to" preference.

The Cornish have been into drawing big circles for a long time.

This one, marked by stones, is on Bodmin Moor and if you pace it across (through the middle) it strangely fits exactly 50 of my paces. I wonder if that means anything?

It's called Stannon Stone Circle and is well worth a visit if you want some inspiration from your ancestors. Otherwise check out Stonehenge or one of the many ancient circles you'll find on the way down to Lands End. Cornwall is famous for them.

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratios

The famous Fibonacci sequence captivated mathematicians, designers, and scientists for centuries. Now it's the turn of Beach Artists like us!

Mark off a rope to follow the sequence and then I'll show you where to put the ends in the sand to make a really beautiful Fibonacci Spiral.

It took me a few tries to work it out but I suspect that you're a lot smarter. It certainly makes it much faster to have two people (one on each end of the rope) as you have to change the position of the anchor point every quarter turn. It gets large quite quickly and the tide may be coming in! You can reverse engineer it so that you start big and end small.

I can show you how. It's a lot of fun and a fast and easy way to make a BIG impression.

You'll find inspiration for your Fibonacci spirals in the most unlikely places. Even while surfing or lounging on the beach.

Other spirals you may make by mistake!

Practical Geometry for Builders

Ever wondered how they built churches and cathedrals with basic medieval tools?

Beach Artists can learn how simple circles can make Gothic Tracery windows.


Zenbilli is a technique I've developed for Beach Artists. It's an easy-to-learn way to create a dot matrix grid and then make patterns from it.


Sacred Geometry Essentials

Books I recommend include the small and neat: Miranda Lundy's "Sacred Geometry" which you can carry around in your pocket as a reference book.

There are many others in the same Wooden Books series which you will find helpful and inspiring.